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The Formula for Short-Term Rental Success

Short-term rentals are a lucrative market, but with so many properties for guests to choose from, standing out from the competition can be a challenge. However, with the right formula, you can achieve success in the short-term rental industry. In this article, we will outline the critical components of the formula for short-term rental success.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to short-term rentals, choosing the right location is critical. A property is more likely to attract guests if it is located in a prominent location with easy access to shops, attractions, and public transport. Consider the surrounding neighbourhood, property costs, and closeness to prominent tourist attractions and business hotspots when deciding on a spot for your SA unit.

Presentation is Key

For your property to attract visitors, you must present it in the best possible way. This includes writing a precise, succinct, and clear description and using high-quality images that highlight the property's distinctive attributes. Your guests' experiences will also be greatly improved by keeping the property clean, maintained, and furnished with the necessities.

Competitive Pricing

Another critical element in attracting people to your property is your pricing strategy. It's important to set a competitive nightly rate for your property, taking into account the local market, the season, and any potential occasional fluctuation, such as one-off local events. Don't be scared to try out several pricing methods to see which one suits your property the best.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Positive feedback from previous visitors can significantly influence bookings in the future. Building a solid reputation for your business can be achieved by encouraging visitors to leave excellent reviews by offering an exceptional experience, swiftly correcting any faults, and reacting to any complaints in a friendly and professional way.

Utilise Technology

In today's digital world, utilising technology is essential for short-term rental success. It can be incorporated into your short-term rental strategy to help you stay ahead of the competition, and keep making excellent profits, whether it means employing property management software to improve your operations, to leveraging social media to reach a wider audience. We've got a blog all about this topic coming soon, so stay tuned!


In short, a mix of intelligent placement, top-tier presentation, competitive pricing, positive reviews, and leveraging technology is the key to a successful short-term rental business. Following these important components will help you grow your bookings and achieve success in the short-term rental sector.

PS: My team and I at The Property Don offer a full Serviced Accommodation management service and we can take away the hassle of making your SA business a success and optimise your listings for maximum bookings.

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