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guaranteed rent


This solution is for you if:

  • You own a property

  • You're tired of landlord duties but don't want to sell your property

  • You want a completely hands-off approach to investing with assured monthly income

  • You're concerned about rental voids

  • You've had enough of dealing with troublesome tenants and serving eviction notices

  • You want to avoid costly agency fees

Do any of these resonate with you?
Well, you've come to the right place.

The Property Don is now offering UK landlords a unique opportunity to earn money from their properties, without the pains and troubles of being a landlord.

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My company, Little Piggy Rentals, is an up-and-coming Serviced Accommodation management company, currently operating in Hertfordshire.

We pride ourselves on our ethical service with a personal touch, and we always aim to deliver the best service possible. We endeavour to create a win-win scenario for all parties involved with our rent agreement.

We will pay you a fixed rent every month, keep your property maintained in a show-home condition, and use it to accommodate our high-calibre clientele.

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How does it compare with a normal AST?
Standard Tenant

Tenancy duration: 

Void periods: 

Maintenance fees: 

Work involved: 

OR Agency fees: 

Can tenants squat? 

Professional cleaning? 

Stress level: 

6-12 Months

5.5% of Rent

£3,000 p.a.


10% of Rent





Guaranteed Rent

Tenancy duration: 

Void periods: 

Minor maintenance: 

Work involved: 

OR Agency fees: 

Can tenants squat? 

Professional cleaning? 

Stress level: 

1-5 Years








the simple, stress-free rent system
How does it work?

Let's Get Started

Just fill in this form, and I'll be in touch with you to arrange a free appraisal.

Thanks for submitting!

Discovery Call

We'll use our expertise to determine the best strategy for your property - SA, or otherwise.

Sealing the deal

Plans will be written, agreements made, and dotted lines signed.


We'll refurbish and furnish the property to get it ready for business.


The property will be listed online, and we'll start welcoming guests and pay you rent every month.

Not quite what you were looking for?

This Guaranteed Rent service isn't for everyone.

You may be here because you want to significantly increase your income from your property using the Serviced Accommodation strategy.

If this is the case, allow me to manage your property as an SA unit on your behalf.

You'll carry more of the risk and reward, and we could potentially double or triple your net rental profits!

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